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[   ]ZapDS.zip13-Feb-1999 01:35 19K 
[   ]ZapEmail.zip05-Feb-2000 17:39 66K 
[   ]ZapMJEsrc.zip23-Mar-1999 02:07 229K 
[MOD]ZapRedraw.ffa04-Jun-1999 00:57 10K 
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[   ]zap-140-5.zip24-Nov-1998 11:29 630K 
[   ]zap-140-6.zip27-Nov-1998 11:14 637K 
[   ]zap-140-7.zip21-Dec-1998 19:23 638K 
[   ]zap-140-8.zip03-Feb-1999 19:24 640K 
[   ]zap-140-9.zip29-Apr-1999 17:42 640K 
[   ]zap-140.zip28-Oct-1998 19:15 634K 
[   ]zap.zip29-Apr-1999 17:42 640K 
[   ]zapconfig.zip09-Nov-1998 15:41 63K 
[   ]zapres.zip29-Oct-1998 11:00 116K 
[   ]zfonts.zip16-Oct-1998 10:41 653K 
[   ]zmods1.old.zip23-Jun-1999 09:44 550K 
[   ]zmods1.zip23-Jun-1999 09:44 551K 
[   ]zmods1_update.old.zip23-Jun-1999 09:44 136K 
[   ]zmods1_update.zip23-Jun-1999 09:44 136K 
[   ]zmods2.zip25-Oct-1998 19:19 169K 

This is the version 1.40 release of Zap.

We recommend that you download v1.45 instead, unless the smaller footprint
of this version is important.

--------     - main Zap archive
zap-140-?.zip   - main Zap archive (patch releases)         - link to the most recent 1.40 release      - full ZapFonts archive      - primary extensions archive:
                  Buttons panes, BASIC & taskwindow, HTML, email/news,
		  spell checker (needs ImpressionSpell), C/C++/asm, Perl,
		  Obey files,  Desc files (FrontEnd), StrongHelp, Messages,
		  makefiles, TeX, macros and utilities,
		  Zap config file editing      - yet more extensions:
                  ADA, asm, CSV, Inform, man pages, Postscript, Scheme, SQL      - alternative resources for some modules in
                  and some German translations   - configuration tool for Zap
src             - source for Zap core and most extensions

Other archives are updates to extensions within the main distributions.
In particular, a archive will contain updates and bugfixes to the
main Zap distribution - check the datestamp to see if you need it - and
zmods? will be updates to the current zmods?.zip archives.

Files whose names end in ",ffa" are modules; they are updates for modules
of the same name (less that ending) within Zap. If you download any of
these, you'll need to set the filetype then - with the Filer 'Newer' option
ticked - move them into their proper places within Zap.