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This is the alternate config area for Zap. Unless otherwise stated, the
configs here will require at least the latest beta version of Zap.

--------	- James' configuration. This is a mix of emacs, RISC OS and
		  various other bindings, plus some fairly complex
		  configuration. Menus are more or less the same of the
		  default.	- Justin's !Edit-like configuration. This also has black-on-
		  white colours for most modes (the base modes, MJE's
		  programming modes, the BASIC modes, Taskwindow, ForZap,
		  BasAsm, Desc, Email, HoTMeaL, HTML, Makefile, Messages,
		  NewMail, Obey, Perl, Strong, TeX). If you don't want these
		  colours, delete !ZapUser.Config.!Config before using.	- Justin's normal configuration. This is currently available
		  for v1.40 only.

James <>