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v1.45 initial release

You should download ONE of:         minimal core        above plus France and Germany resources       above plus developer tools

In additional, you should grab any further modes and/or extensions you
want, either from individual_modes/ or from the following groups:

        mainmods        BASIC/Taskwindow, Email, Spell, ForZap
	                Text, Util, Bits, Buttons, ZapJRF
        develmods       MakeFile, C/C++/Java, Assembler, Pascal, Diff,
                        Python, Scheme, CVS, ZapDS and DWExt
        devel+mods      Ada, Inform, SAsm, PS, SQL, PMS
        riscosmods      Obey, Desc, Messages, StrongZap, Asm, BasAsm
        webmods         HoTMeaL, HTML, Perl
        descmods        Man, TeX, CSV, Newmail, Texture

	allmods		All of the above contains the complete set of ZapFonts, plus
documentation. This is optional - there's a minimal ZapFonts in all
three core archives.

Alternatively, just download, which contains all the
various bits in one archive.

The updates/ directory contains patch updates for this release.

James Aylett <>
Darren Salt <>
Christian Ludlam <>