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This website is no longer maintained. Source is now available on Github.

Zap - a programmers' editor

The latest release version of Zap is 1.45; the 1.47 beta has more features, and has proven largely stable for many people. More options, and Zap extensions, are available from the download page. You can also access the source tree via CVS. For a version of Zap (based on the 1.47 beta) that runs on the OMAP port of RISC OS, check out the Tankstage software page.

Zap is a programmer's editor for RISC OS on Acorn and compatible computers. It has a large number of features designed to facilitate programming (particularly source code), as well as full text editing facilities. It is also highly configurable and extensible. There is a list of frequently asked questions, and their answers.

If you wish to get in touch with the Zap development team then please use the appropriate email address from the contact page. If you wish to get involved in the development effort, you will probably want to subscribe to one or more of the mailing lists. Before reporting a bug or making a suggestion, we advise checking the Changes file in the current Zap distribution to see if it has already been dealt with.

We hope that you find Zap to be a useful program.

Anyone still using the domain should change to use the new web site address of

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