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This website is no longer maintained. Source is now available on Github.

Zap copyright

Copyright of the application 'Zap', and of all associated documentation (including this web site) is held by its authors 1992-2008. No guarantee is made as to the reliability/stability of any part of Zap.

You may copy the program freely, provided that the whole application remains unaltered. This request is made in order to try to ensure that the options remain in their default state, and all help text is included. This should help make Zap easier to use for subsequent receivers of the program. In particular there should be no !Config file in any distributed version. Delete your !Config file before distributing.

You may not sell the program without written permission. However, Public Domain libraries may distribute the program, provided that they charge at most £3 sterling per disc.

'Zap developers' included:

© Copyright Zap Developers 1992-2008. All rights reserved.
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