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This website is no longer maintained. Source is now available on Github.

Download area

The current stable release is v1.45. Older stable releases which might still be useful for some people are v1.40 and v1.35.

Zap distribution sets are made as 'zipchives' - Zip-format archives, compatible with the free InfoZip program (which is available for most operating systems, including RISC OS) and David Pilling's SparkFS. If you don't have either of these, download sparkplug.basic.bin, set its type to BASIC and run it - it self-extracts into a copy of SparkPlug into the current directory, which will also read zip archives.

If you need to report a bug, or want to suggest a new feature, please check the contacts page for the appropriate email address. You should also try to make sure that the bug/feature hasn't already been reported/proposed (the buglist is currently available via the CVS repository, and in recent beta releases).

The official Zap distribution site is It also contains test versions of Zap not mentioned below.

Development release sites


Downloading is much as for v1.45 or 1.46; here's the release area and the current test release.


Downloading is much as for v1.45; here's the release area and the current test release.


Version 1.45 of Zap was released on 6th November 2002.

Grab one of the core archives, plus extensions as required. A minimal ZapFonts is supplied in the core archives; the full one contains many more fonts. A ViewFinder-enhanced ZapRedraw is available separately.

To decide what you need to download, please consult the list of which extensions are in which group. Alternatively, you can download them individually.

Useful utils

Note that these are written and maintained by other people; we can't guarantee they'll work properly, and please don't send us bug reports! Let us know if any of the links are out of date, though...


Core distribution (required)

Central extensions (suggested)

Additional extensions

Extension updates



v1.35 is believed to be the last version of Zap to support RISC OS 2.

Core distribution (required)

Updates to versions in the core distribution

Ancient versions

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