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This website is no longer maintained. Source is now available on Github.

Zap contact details

We prefer to be contacted via email; if you really need to write to us, write to James at the address given below.

General email addresses

Note that the following are mailing lists. For information on how to subscribe to the lists, see the Zap mailing lists page. Before reporting a bug or suggesting a feature, try to make sure it hasn't already been reported/proposed (this is difficult until we collate the lists of each).
All bugs reports, non-technical queries or suggestions should be sent here
For technical queries and discussions.

In addition, the usual 'master' addresses exist for the Zap domain:, and In addition, runs the mailing lists.


Principal maintainers

'Emeritus' :-)

Darren Salt

Darren maintains ZapEmail, ZapDS and sometimes ZapBASIC. In the core, he is responsible (amongst other things) for the command language, ClickSend, menus, internationalisation, and mode handling (including clone modes). He's also responsible for ZapRedraw's Viewfinder support.

James Aylett

James maintains ZapFonts, the combined command extensions (although, to some extent, this is a shared responsibility), the 'glue' (documentation, web and ftp sites, domain, mailing lists), and an air of omniscience. He is also responsible (amongst other things) for c-vars and the general shape of the distribution.

Christian Ludlam

Christian maintains ZapRedraw and is responsible for driving that in the direction it's going. In Zap proper he fritters his time away fixing bugs, dreaming up wonderful ideas for the future, and correcting James' mistakes.

Tim Tyler

Tim did lots of the work on v1.40, including coordinating its release. He also wrote vast numbers of syntax colouring modes, and maintained Martin's programming modes. Since v1.40 Tim has decided to try to use his time more wisely (:-), and avoid getting dragged into Zap too much.

Justin Fletcher

Justin is responsible for enhancing Code mode beyond common sense, and a few other things. He's currently suffering from lack of time to devote to Zap (if 'suffering' is really the right word).

Dominic Symes

Dominic was the initial developer of Zap, and its sole maintainer until the end of 1996.

Martin Ebourne

Martin wrote the C, C++, Java, Assembler and Pascal modes which form much of the use of Zap (at least by its current developers). He also wrote the plug and play auto-configuration system we've been using since v1.40.

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