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Appendix A: Default keystrokes

Note that the key short cuts are given in the menus. In the following list, s=Shift, c=Control, sc=Shift+Control, k=Key on keypad.

A.1 Common editing keys

scSpace              Remove unnecessary space around the cursor
Escape               Stops operation
sEscape              Cancel operation
cEscape              Open minibuffer for command (Emacs M-x)
Backspace            Delete to the left
sBackspace           Delete to the left
scBackspace          Undo last operation
Return               Performs return action for current mode
sReturn              Perform return action for current mode
cReturn              As Return, but doesn't auto-indent
scReturn             As Return, but doesn't auto-indent
Delete               Delete to the left
sDelete              Delete the the right
cDelete              Delete the current line
scDelete             Delete to the end of the line

A.2 Cursor keys

Left                 Move cursor left
Right                Move cursor right
Down                 Move cursor down
Up                   Move cursor up
sLeft                Move cursor left one word
sRight               Move cursor right one word
sDown                Move cursor down one page
sUp                  Move cursor up one page
cLeft                Move cursor to start of line
cRight               Move cursor to end of line
cDown                Move cursor to end of file
cUp                  Move cursor to start of file
scLeft               Scroll window left
scRight              Scroll window right
scDown               Scroll window down
scUp                 Scroll window up

A.3 Miscellaneous keys

Tab                  Tab
Insert               Toggle Insert/Overwrite mode
Home                 Undo last operation
Copy                 Delete to the right
sTab                 Switch tab mode
sInsert              Copy selection to clipboard
sHome                Selects the ANSI C identifier under the cursor
sCopy                Copy mode
cCopy                Start selection by cursor movement
cInsert              Copy selection to clipboard
scTab                Tabify
scHome               Select current line
scInsert             Copy selection to clipboard
scCopy               Dump textual representation of file
c[                   Logical line numbers shown at left
c\                   Get help on Zap
c]                   Physical line numbers shown at left
c-                   Replace current word with a correct spelling
c0                   Insert blank (space in textual modes,
                     NUL in binary)
sc[ (ctrl {)         Turn off line numbers/addresses
sc\ (ctrl |)         Spell check entire buffer
sc] (ctrl })         Addresses shown at left
sc- (ctrl _)         Undo last operation
sc0 (ctrl ))         Insert a NUL (zero byte)

A.4 Keypad keys

sk/                  Insert date in format
                     "Fri, 16 Oct 98 11:29:50 BST"
sk*                  Delete to the start of the word
sk#                  Delete to the end of the word
sk-                  Outdent the selection
sk+                  Indent the selection
sk.                  Find the function at the cursor
ck0                  Prefix key for miscellaneous keymap
ck1                  Copy selection to next icon clicked on
ck2                  Reindent current line of program source
ck4                  Select current word
ck5                  Select current line
ck/                  Run the program
ck#                  Prefix key for Emacs keymap
ck-                  Prefix key for Emacs cX keymap
ck+                  Prefix key for Emacs Escape (Meta) keymap
ckEnter              Prefix key for Emacs cX 4 keymap

A.5 Function keys

F0 (Print)           Quick print
F1                   Execute learned sequence
F2                   Load a file
F3                   Open the save dialogue
F4                   Open the search dialogue
F5                   Open the goto line/address dialogue
F6                   Drop a mark
F7                   Open the search to window dialogue
F8                   Undo last operation
F9                   Redo operation
F10                  Delete current line
F11                  Open a new blank text window
sF0 (sPrint)         Fancy print
sF1                  Split line at cursor position
sF2                  Swap to other window and bring to front
sF3                  Open save selection dialogue
sF4                  Open replace dialogue
sF5                  Undo last operation
sF6                  Go to last mark
sF7                  Next match in search
sF8                  Renumber program
sF9                  Go to next mark
sF10                 Delete to start of line
sF11                 Toggle mark
cF0 (cPrint)         Open printer:$
cF1                  Join lines
cF2                  Close window
cF3                  Save without prompting
cF4                  Open a new view on this file
cF5                  Toggle word wrap
cF6                  Format paragraph
cF7                  Go to last match
cF8                  Bind learned sequence
cF9                  ASCII/Hex entry mode
cF10                 Delete to end of line
cF11                 Go to last mark
scF0 (scPrint)       Close printer:$
scF1                 Change to Text mode
scF2                 Change to Byte mode
scF3                 Change to Word mode
scF4                 Change to ASCII mode
scF5                 Change to Code mode
scF6                 Change to BASIC mode
scF7                 Change to BASTXT mode
scF8                 Change to Email mode
scF9                 Change to C mode
scF10                Change to Assembler mode
scF11                Prefix key for Emacs keymap

A.6 Control letters

cA                   Start spell checker
cB                   Put window to back
cC                   Copy selection to cursor
cD                   Duplicate line
cE                   Copy selection into clipboard
cF                   Bring window to front
cG                   Cancel current operation
cH                   Get help on the word at the cursor
                     (uses StrongHelp)
cI                   Indirect (move to the address given by the
                     word at the cursor - useful in Code mode)
cJ                   Indent selection
cK                   Delete to end of line
cL                   Learn key sequence
cM                   Performs return action for current mode
cN                   Next match in search
cO                   Present the user with a * prompt
cP                   Previous match in search
cQ                   Quote next character
cR                   Reverse interactive search
cS                   Forward interactive search
cT                   Select entire buffer
cU                   Universal argument - perform next instruction
                     'n' times
cV                   Move selection to the cursor
cW                   Set the window width
cX                   Delete selection and place it in the clipboard
cY                   Paste the clipboard at the cursor
cZ                   Clear selection
scA                  Duplicate character above the cursor
scB                  Drop program into BASIC
scC                  Saves then run/compile program
scD                  Insert current date
scE                  Save then run a program, then exit
scF                  Run a program, then exit
scG                  Toggle window size
scH                  List function definitions
scI                  Move forward one track
scJ                  Move back one sector
scK                  Move forward one sector
scL                  Force lower case of next character/selection
scM                  Move back one track
scN                  Turn off line numbers/addresses
scO                  Line numbers shown in hex/decimal
scP                  Physical line numbers show at left
scQ                  Swap next two characters
scR                  Toggles window wrap
scS                  Swap case of next character/selection
scT                  Insert current time
scU                  Force upper case of next character/selection
scW                  Toggle soft wrap
scX                  Close other open window
scY                  Yank cyclically through deleted regions
scZ                  Prefix key for Emacs keymap (eg: scZ Escape X
                     is equivalent to M-x in Emacs)

Copyright Zap Developers 1992-2004

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