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Chapter 15: How to find out more

15.1 Other documentation that comes with Zap

In addition to the technical documentation described in chapter 14, Zap comes with a number of other helpful files:

15.2 The future: ideas, bugs, and obtaining upgrades

The official Zap web site is, with the official ftp distribution site at

Bug reports and suggestions should be emailed to [email protected] - please give as many details as possible as to the circumstances that caused it, including operating system version and any other programs you had running at the time which might have been involved. Try to get it repeatable if possible, because that makes it much easier to fix. It is also incredibly helpful, if an error box mentions a particular address in memory, if you can supply this address along with the base addresses of all currently-loaded relocatable modules - the easiest way to do this is the RISC OS *Modules command. (<em>zap-users</em> is a mailing list, so if you want to get involved in the discussion, you can do - see section 15.4 below for more details).

Current suggested features, and a list of known bugs, is available from the web site. They may also have come with this distribution - if so they will be the file !Zap.Resources.UK.Docs.Buglist; however they don't always get distributed because it is subject to change. Before submitting a bug report or suggesting a new feature, please try to check the current list to see if it is already there.

15.3 Credits

Zap was written and maintained by Dominic Symes up to version 1.35, released at the end of 1996. Since then, Zap has been worked on by a larger Zap development team. These include: Tim Tyler, Darren Salt, Martin Ebourne, James Aylett, Christian Ludlam, Justin Fletcher, Daniel Wagenaar and Elliot Hughes. Localisations by Jérôme Mathevet and Benoit Gilon (France), and Richard Atterer and Detlef Thielsch (Germany).

In addition to work on the core of Zap, much of its functionality owes to the many people who write and maintain extensions. Listing them all here would be rather pointless (and would require updating regularly); the documentation that comes with each extension will say who has worked on it.

Thanks to the following for help/suggestions/donations/bug reports (the first list was compiled by Dominic while he maintained Zap, and has been edited only to remove people mentioned above; the second list is of those who have helped since then):

Zap's original manual was written by Dominic Symes. A Zap primer was written and maintained up to version 1.35 by David Holden. This manual was written from scratch, with reference to those earlier documents, for version 1.40, with advice and suggestions from the members of the beta mailing list. The manual is produced using buttress, by Simon Tatham.

15.4 Getting in touch with Zap developers

There are a number of email addresses which you should use to get in touch with the Zap development team. These are all actually mailing lists that you can subscribe to (see

If you have a query or suggestion pertaining to a particular extension, rather than to Zap as a whole, then you should first try to contact the extension's author; if you have difficulties getting hold of them, then you can contact the Zap development team (although we may not actually be able to help if we didn't write the extension!).

Each main Zap developer also has a personal email address so you can contact them specifically about an area that you know is their responsibility:

In addition, many Zap developers read the comp.sys.acorn newsgroups; the best place to ask for help with Zap is comp.sys.acorn.apps. Information about new releases of Zap will be posted to comp.sys.acorn.announce.

If you need to use snail mail, you can write to James:

       James Aylett
       c/o Digital Advertising and Marketing Ltd
       Eldon House
       1 Dorset Street
       W1U 4BB

Note that Zap is not associated in any way with Digital Advertising and Marketing Ltd (nor with any of the employers of any of the other Zap developers).

And that's it! We hope you find Zap a useful program.

The Zap Development Team

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